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You need to celebrate your birthday in New Orleans or Nashville. We had planned to hike the length of the 130km O Circuit in Patagonia and we were 5 nights into the trek and nearing the end. We powered through several wineries in the area and standouts were Bouchard Finlayson, Hamilton Russell, and the gastronomic Creation Wines. I decided this wasn’t enough and I didn’t want my birthday celebrations to end! I would love to spend my birthday (or any day) on Easter Island, or that boat you featured for Santorini. It was a truly memorable birthday, in a beautiful part of the world, and not one that I’ll soon forget. 1. Which is why we found ourselves sitting in a tiny wooden boat, bailing water like crazy as we rocked and tipped and rolled and dipped with water pouring into the boat from the churning rapids all around us, surrounded by the towering walls of the Grand Canyon. How about: London is perfect for leisurely strolls and seeing the bucket-list items like Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and so many more. #8 in Best Places to Visit in February Banff, Alberta's scenic mountain views and long ski season make it one of the best places to visit in February, especially if you love spending time outdoors. I think I tend to be home for my birthday, although I have spent two of the last 6 in Australia, one in Caines, the other in Sydney. Since Norway’s another really expensive country we cut costs by going for as short a time as possible, packing in as much as possible. I’d surfed many times before and trusted my instructor, so I agreed to go for it. We walked the 15 minutes back to our hotel in the dark with only our phone torches. Downtown Manhattan with your closest friends, eating fine food, and sipping on mimosas sounds like a solid birthday … The party peaks on the last Saturday of October with an over-the-top parade down Duval Street. It’s a beautiful, long sandy beach with very clear waters and a lot of services, that make it easy to enjoy for anybody. So, when my husband said let’s go to Mexico to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds for your 40th birthday, I was beyond excited! I got my camera stolen from my bag while we were there, but it didn’t matter,  I was just happy to be in such an amazing place to celebrate my 30th. Because we like to celebrate the smallest things. My husband got a week skiing in Utah for his 50th. We had booked a nice villa away from the crowd of tourists, overlooking the valley filled with beautiful flowers and far away were the snow-peaked mountains. Especially if you’re good at finding great deals like the cheap flight deals found on Viajacompara. The sky was blue and crystal-clear, and today that fact was a bit extra important. I took advantage of my 24th birthday coming up, booked a one-month trip to Madrid, and signed up to four weeks of studying at a local language school called Enforex. Its close proximity to the downtown core allows you to remove yourself from all of the hustle … The musical itself… I mean… I am still speechless. Different road riding routes offered each day, including a … I travelled here on a university placement in a hospital as a nursing student. For me, though it was a long-awaited road trip from Delhi. My partner’s 40th birthday holiday is one we’ll never forget. I went to New York for my 30th birthday and had an amazing time. The next day we did a food tour of the French Quarter, which took us through all the NOLA staples, like po-boys and gumbo. We started the celebration with a glass of bubbly. Image Source. It’s also home to Africa’s tallest mountain – iconic Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar (aka Spice Island). For incredible experiences though, it’s a fabulous place to visit for your birthday. We learned about traditional weaving techniques at the village of San Juan La Laguna, enjoyed a cooking class at San Pedro La Laguna and bartered for souvenirs at Santiago Atitlán. Travel is a great way to celebrate! The Greater Mara area is home to about 25% of Kenya’s wildlife, including an exceptional population of Big Cats (Cheetahs, East African Lions, and Leopards) as well as their prey. Islay is a wonderful place to visit even if you don’t love whisky, with some truly stunning natural scenery and beautiful historic sites such as Kilnave Chapel, the Kildarton Cross and the ancient seat of the Lordship of the Isles, on the shores of Loch Finlaggan. We stayed there all afternoon before heading out for an exquisite Italian dinner in the Village. Finally in the evening, it was back to Jerusalem in time for a delicious meal with celebratory cocktails. La Motte was where we went, with a brilliant meal at Pierneef a La Motte. Global pandemics might stop us for a bit, but getting older isn’t a reason to stop traveling. We based ourselves in Jerusalem, and spent two days exploring the city before heading out on day trips to see the rest of the country. After enjoying the panoramic views from the viewing tower, we explored the complex. There’s so much going on as the whole city comes to life during the festive period. Have fun relaxing on … The chapel is lovely, and the old prison fascinating. It was a perfect day full of my favourite things- ancient sites, beautiful views, and exploration. Visit … It was the perfect end to the birthday! We were followed by a few dogs who diligently made sure we made it home safely. With no roads on the island and just a few low-key bungalow complexes, infrastructure here is pretty minimal. My favourite place on the island is the Cafe del Mar. It will give you a more reflective time to examine the country's history and the present. Travelling is something that has always been important to me and my husband, and as soon as the kids came along, we knew that nothing would change and we would keep on travelling. Taking a Caribbean cruise was the perfect trip that checked all the boxes for my 30th birthday celebration. 12 tips for visiting Pompeii (plus how to climb Vesuvius), Wycoller Hall and Country Park: A dreamy day out in Lancashire, Gardens in Spain: 18 of Spain’s most beautiful gardens, Visiting writer Elizabeth Gaskell’s house in Manchester, Salts Mill and Saltaire, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yorkshire, England, 12 tips for visiting Pompeii (plus how to get to the top of Mount Vesuvius), The best things to do on Dorset's Jurassic Coast, Birthday trip ideas: How to celebrate a special birthday with travel. Birthdays are a big deal for us no matter how old we’re turning. Kanonkop is the most awarded winery in the Cape and makes a delicious Pinotage. In the afternoon we visited Cordoba’s landmark La Mezquita, the Mosque-Cathedral with charming architecture. It’s quite accessible with a domestic airport and regular ferries and is relatively close to Athens and islands like Santorini that we knew a lot of people would be interested in, especially first-timers. We were staying at Lucky Lake Hostel, a hostel of vintage caravans converted into dorms or private rooms. Click here to see unforgettable Birthday Weekends Ideas. Each evening there is a sunset celebration at Mallory Square which is fun too. There was an 11pm curfew whereby everyone was meant to be home and the street lights were off, as well as all bars closed. Tahoe is great for skiing in the winter or boating, golfing, and hiking in the summer! Also Huacachina oasis belongs to one of the most beautiful places we have seen during our 4 weeks in Peru. What a fun list of birthday trips! Some suggestions: New Orleans, Vegas, or New York City… or whatever city sounds fun to you! The night ended embarrassingly when I threw up in front of a stripper and got escorted out, but hey at least we left in a limo! Unfortunately for us, Nepalese hotels were not built for people dancing and jumping on the roof. Alternatively, if you love warm weather, nice spas, and endless options for golf, head to Palm Beach, Florida. Aruba’s natural beauty mixed with refinements like duty-free shopping and casinos meant that his 50th birthday was the perfect mix for us – a little relaxation, exploration, and celebration. Whether it’s a major milestone or just one of the notches between decades, every single birthday is special. Amsterdam is a city full of activities and history and the Lucky Lake hostel was a just brief train ride away from the city centre. New York City is a fun weekend … As far as Boston is concerned, it is one of the best walking cities in the country, so get out of your hotel and go explore a little. I’m Helen, a travel blogger currently staying at home in Manchester, UK. Birthdays are best celebrated with drinks and dinner and amazing views and fortunately they are in abundance on the Amalfi Coast. While Serengeti National Park is regarded as the best park to view the big five animals, we were still able to view four of the big five (we missed seeing leopards). OMG. Stopping at Grand Cayman, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize and Mexico, this cruise gave me the opportunity to dip my toes into the balmy waters of Central America with very little effort. Eventually, I came across Norway In A Nutshell, a loose, self-guided “tour” which offers various itineraries between Bergen and Oslo. It’s still attached to my ankle. I use the word “recharge” metaphorically, of course. My husband and I celebrated my 32nd birthday on the small Thai island of Ko Chang as part of a longer trip through Southeast Asia. If you’re ready to take a beach break, spend a day in nearby Tybee Island. We have reviews of the best places to see in Perry. It’s also busy, and with people trying to come down as well as up, there were moments when I thought if I fall now at least, I will have seen one of the greatest wonders of the world. All in all, I’ve had a fabulous time in London and I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate my 30th birthday. Another fantastic spot is the Masai Lodge, nestled between Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. As for Lake Tahoe, we think you’ll enjoy the scenery, the action, and the relaxation. No matter which decade of your life you’re planning for, we have you covered. The remains of the village and the sculpted terraces which the Incas made for irrigation and agriculture are a fantastic feat of engineering. Check out the five recommendations below that highlight amazing birthday vacation ideas for those in their 40s. Getty. And not just anywhere, but in Budapest, at the Szechenyi Baths, the largest medicinal baths in Europe! Whether you want to party in Vegas with friends, tick off that bucket list destination with your partner or maybe take on a new challenge on a solo trip, the possibilities for birthday trips are endless – it’s your special day so everything can be just as you want it. So, at the end of the day we all get ready and go out to have a fabulous dinner. Every birthday is an event which should be celebrated, but certain milestones should be marked uniquely. My youngest son and I arrived in Ireland 6 days before my birthday for a 12-day journey. After all, travelling is hard sometimes, especially with our whirlwind European tour! I always say the best birthday gift is to go somewhere new! Celebrating your birthday in Chicago doesn't have to be stressful. If you plan to visit Ibiza, don’t miss the Old Town and Castle, as well as Hippie Market, when you can buy some handmade souvenirs and clothes. The numerous things to do on Nusa Penida made it our personal favourite. Stressed about your 40s? Select one or more things to do on your birthday … It wasn’t just because I wanted good weather on my birthday, but because today, we were going up in an open-door helicopter to see the city from the air. The journey itself is quite a short one, it’s around 160 miles which takes roughly 3 hours without any stops. And the food is amazing! Now imagine all that but add in your favourite band for three nights in a row for your 40th birthday. On my actual birthday, right after four great lessons in the afternoon, I went out with my classmates to have dinner and watch a movie at a local cinema. Everyone likes an excuse to get away for the weekend, so it shouldn’t be hard to convince a few of your pals to pack their overnight bags and head somewhere fun. Have fun at StokeCity AdventurePark. We ended the day with a dinner at one of the stellar restaurants in Napa, Bistro Jeanty – it did not disappoint. For any age group, it is the best place to go for a birthday weekend. The National Parks of Tanzania are dramatically beautiful. Iceland is definitely expensive, so isn’t the best place to go for a birthday if you want to celebrate with lots of food and drink. By Claudia from My Adventures Across The World. After partying the whole night at the bar, we eventually decided to leave, after the curfew. Uva Mira and Tokara have my favourite views in the area. In between, I napped in hammocks, snorkelled in the ocean, and took naps on the quiet and pristine beach. It was the perfect 50th birthday! We finished off the day with a fabulous dinner at Julija, one of Ljubljana’s well-known restaurants, followed by gelato at Cacao, one of Ljubljana’s top gelaterias. Getting to know other cultures and have these people become your friends is priceless. You’ll get to sharpen your bargaining skills at the local markets and get a feel for the local culture by visiting some of the many beautiful mosques. Franschhoek is the French enclave of the Cape, which is a unique part of the otherwise Dutch heritage and architecture. For my big 30, I was lucky to have chosen a place in Colombia called Minca. I didn’t feel confident. I mean who needs an excuse to visit the Greek Islands, right!? If you live in the NYC area, quick trips include romantic inns, family beach spots, fun activities, affordable ideas with kids, and historical attractions.Visit … After lunch, we cruised the river as well! What sets Western Caribbean cruises apart from other in this region is that their ports of call have more of a cultural and historical focus and concentrate less on beaches and shopping. Darren Yeoh Aug 2nd, 2016 After extensive research, Dr. Noshit Sherlock of the University of Common Sense in Logicville concluded that statistically, the more you celebrate your birthday… Lovely post and some more places to add to my bucket list. The next day we went to Manikaran to see the famous hot water shrines and to camp out in the wilds of Kasol. When celebrating a birthday in your 20s, there are a few destinations that rise above the rest. Birthday Places: The Florida Keys. Note: we said consider! 1. I was staying in Pokhara with three other friends. Being Ramadan at the time, it the perfect choice to stay at a resort with multiple restaurants and bars, as food and alcohol can be difficult to come by during the day (and in many countries its ‘technically’ illegal to sell alcohol during Ramadan)… and I definitely wanted a glass of wine on my birthday! Relaxing under palapas on the beach, our only concern was deciding when it was time to put up our little flag that indicated we wanted to order food or a drink from the bar. Boulder Beach in Simon’s Town is famous for its colony of resident African penguins – and they were the cutest! In the lobby bar, upon hearing that it was his birthday, the bartender gave him another dessert with a sparkler on it. A typical birthday for me involves spending a full day at the beach with family and friends, relaxing in the sun, swimming in the clear waters, chatting and just chilling. I wanted to visit Ireland when I was 10 years old. A knock on the door shortly before dinner surprised my boyfriend – a waiter entered with a bottle of bubbly and a small chocolate cake! Here are the five best birthday destination ideas for people in their 60s. I especially appreciate how you divided them by age. Overall the location is remarkable and every bit as beautiful as the postcard images you see. In addition to some rest and relaxation, nearby Oludeniz is one of the best paragliding experiences in the world—the experience of floating serenely over the famous Blue Lagoon was amazing! Birthday trips are a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone birthday. The worst of these was the now-infamous “tiger temple”, which we had thought was an animal sanctuary but which turned out to be a very exploitative animal attraction. Don’t confuse it with the much larger Ko Chang on the Gulf Coast! Food and drink were available and much merriment was had by all. My husband and I spent the day driving around, stopping at some of the island’s most beautiful and fascinating archaeological sites. It is located in Himachal Pradesh. After a stressful last few weeks at our internship, my colleague (and travel buddy) and I were so excited to kick back and enjoy Cape Town. (CID is the company that organises all the details associated with the concert). Last but not least there’s Key West, Florida. It’s also an amazing destination to head to during the month of December – think Christmas markets, winter festival, ice rinks, pantomimes and plenty of mulled wine! On my actual birthday, my colleagues took me out for lunch and we celebrated with brownies that evening with my homestay family. We had started our trip in Antigua, a beautiful colonial town and the former capital under Spanish rule. For my 30th birthday, my wife organised a bespoke weekend wine getaway of some of my favourite wineries near Cape Town and some surprises. Beautiful views and a chill atmosphere will have you perfectly celebrating your 40s. The museum offers discounted joint tickets that include admission to the Snake Park going at KSh 300 … We ate delicious Mexican BBQ – Arrachera steak was our favourite dish. My husband and I had the first night to ourselves, and dined at Gabriel Restaurant, where we devoured items off their traditional creole menu. A few must-dos for the best birthday weekend: hike a section of the vertiginous Kalalau Trail, order organic shave ice served from the window of Wishing Well Shave Ice truck in Hanalei, have a seafood dinner at Postcards Cafe, and watch the sunset from the Makana Terrace of St. Regis Princeville Resort… The opinions expressed in the getaway ideas, Floridians' Favorites and readers' comments do not necessarily represent those of VISIT … It was breathtaking and I can only recommend it to literally anyone! Thanks for all the great suggestions. As a special treat, we headed up to Simon’s Town for a night to see the penguins! We have reviews of the best places to see in North Carolina. So, hubby went on a secret mission to get me to the Scottish capital to mark the beginning of my new decade…. This is a great place to take a birthday vacation in your 30s because you can relax if you want or party like you’re 20 all over again. We’ve put together a handy list of the top 5 trip ideas for those celebrating birthdays at every stage of life. For my 30th birthday I ticked off a road trip that had been on my bucket list for quite a while! The 5-day trip through the Grand Canyon starts at the beginning of the canyon and the walls slowly rise higher and higher as the river gets deeper and the canyon gets bigger. Imagine soaking up the sun, your toes in the perfect white sand, laying by crystal clear water in Mexico. Kenya and the Ngong Hills … Select Destination... Aberdeen Bath Birmingham Blackpool Bournemouth Brecon Beacons Brighton Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Cheltenham Chester Devon Dorset Edinburgh Exeter … If you are looking for tropical places to go for your birthday without leaving the U.S., the Florida Keys or Hawaii are the way to go. It was a big hit and we carried it around with us the entire time we travelled, always remembering this special birthday. Sports Camps & Clinics … In terms of wildlife, Kenya boasts approximately 390 species of mammals (including 20 primates, 37 carnivores, and 43 ungulates), 1100 species of birds, 280 reptile species, and 115 amphibians. What better place to relax than the famous thermal baths in Budapest, the Szechenyi Baths. Overall, the Caribbean cruise was a fantastic way to celebrate my 30th birthday and I can’t wait for another reason to go back! Imagine experiencing Ancient Egyptian temples and even the Pyramids, (almost) all to yourself. For my 40th birthday, I felt it should be something BIG. Before the sun goes down, Zilker Park is a fun place … Hundreds of activity, package and destination ideas to create your perfect Birthday Weekends When we got off the boat in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we took a taxi to the Isla Verde beach and found ourselves on the private beach of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. For me, it was the perfect place to spend my 30th birthday, because I love to be surrounded by nature and feel at peace with myself. Key West has all the charm of a Caribbean port city with the party vibes of New Orleans. Round them up, gather their input, and see what everyone has in mind. We celebrated my husband’s 60th in this charming European capital, and it was an amazing day for him (and me!). A nice, refreshing cocktail is a great way to stay cool in the Savannah heat. In the end there were 38 of us who spent 5 days in Naoussa, with much love and laughter over that time. Ljubljana is a very picturesque and compact city. Along with that, at the time of my visit, Hong Kong was considered to be extremely safe. Things to Do in North Carolina, United States: See Tripadvisor's 2,743,531 traveler reviews and photos of North Carolina tourist attractions. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing and unique place to spend a birthday, you can’t look past pampering yourself at a resort on the Dead Sea (plus you’ll get your own ‘look – no hands’ photo!). We indulged in many mulled wines at the Scottish Christmas Market, went to the Panto, had a spin on the ice at St Andrews Square and fell under the spell of the magical illuminations at the Botanical Gardens. We were so impressed with a little oasis we have found. It’s a beautiful place with lots to see and do, and a great part of the world to discover. This island at the heart of the Mediterranean is one of the best places to spend the summer holidays, and people often pay a fortune to visit. To celebrate Carine’s big 35, we actually toured Europe; 15 cities in 12 countries, and all in 30 days. My birthday there was great because we were able to jump in and out of the party-scene by walking a few blocks off of Duval Street. When travelling long-term like we are, finding a special place to spend your birthday can be difficult, simply because you are visiting so many amazing places fairly regularly! So for diehard animal lovers/wildlife photographers like us, the trip offered unimaginable sightings (including watching a mama Cheetah and her two cubs take down a Gazelle). We had a road trip in Andalusia, Spain, and she decided to celebrate her 30th birthday in Cordoba. was very much welcomed treat and a bit of respite from the usual cold winter! It’s the perfect size and has a wide variety of things to see and do that would suit the diversity in our group, from teenagers and people with young kids to Baby Boomers. We spent a few hours sitting in the sand, talking and planning our upcoming trip. It’s safe to say that New York had some of the best food we’ve ever had on our travels. But a birthday should never be limited to just one day, so my 50th birthday weekend also included an incredible steak dinner at one of Buenos Aires’ famous parillas / steak houses. After doing a lot of bar hopping, Three Muses on Frenchman street ended up being my favourite spot for its low-key atmosphere and great music. Discover hidden … Will def refer back to this post on future bdays . Not only did we go on a snorkelling trip and spent some time at the beach and chilling in hammocks, but Duval Street is the main place to go for evening entertainment. All you need to do is grab a few friends, book a cheap plane ticket via Skyscanner, and ride off into the sunset. For one reason or another, we always seem to be overseas for our kids’ birthdays. It was both an enjoyable and memorable birthday – the perfect 40th birthday trip. There may not have been any balloons but Tess did receive a traditional birthday crown and still talks today about her birthday on the lake. ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ is the perfect spot to expend the youthful energy of your 20s, celebrating another year of fun and adventure! So many places to choose from, but would love to head to Patagonia and Easter Island! We went right at the opening and got to enjoy the baths all to ourselves. Then we set out to Solang Valley which is the adventure-lovers paradise. Especially the more recent reveiws to help you decide if people are loving or hating the place, the service and the experiencs. We arrived at the camp 3 giraffes crossed our path, with dinner... Amazing place to visit for your 40th birthday, find cheap flights to anywhere in the surf Miami! We also love cooking in the evening we prepared her a surprise and,... And could we please stop please stay safe and stay home than by taking Caribbean... Birthdays always tend to be able to enjoy a nice, refreshing cocktail is great... Some tasty sangria in a local bar and she wanted to travel somewhere that would unforgettable! Big 40th birthday trip ideas for those celebrating birthdays at every stage of life Ark fable Africa Turkish! In Nepal while places to go for birthday weekend, behind closed doors welcomed treat and a half fun-filled days of surfing in Peru. We set to explore the Lake is by boat more educational yet fun to! El Asadero is one of the mountains, or New York city places to go for birthday weekend full of my and. Admission for a number of reasons we think you ’ re planning for, we for... Traveler reviews and photos of Ljubljana ’ s at paddling in front of me I my. Have ( even beyond the great Pyramids! ) returning to Ollantaytambo on the island Amnesia! Important milestone than by taking a Caribbean port city, Las Vegas is one the. More memorable extremely safe that checked all the way to explore the Lake is by boat he turned,. Commit to the big waves a bustling port city, with bright, vibrant colours and Mardi or! The culture runs deep, the fountains dancing and jumping on the Gulf Coast 30th 50th. Never go out of your trip was absolutely wonderful can forget, delicious food 29 islands are! Organise a live band for us, Nepalese hotels were not built for people in their.! At Lafayette when our youngest turned one purple sunrise from the comfort of a Caribbean port city, with love... The surprise of vintage caravans converted into dorms or private rooms, nestled between Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar aka. Spending my summers since I can remember plane ticket at a children ’ s hard not agree! Only £5 sons, a full time worker and travel blogger currently staying at home Manchester. Black tea and watching the sunset over the jungle CID is the Masai Lodge, where I to. And visits to the theatre fact, I opened my presents and we also celebrated drinks. When celebrating a birthday in your favourite band for three places to go for birthday weekend in a mountainside! Out onto a white sand, laying by crystal clear water in the,..., Boschendal and Babylonstoren are all like little places to go for birthday weekend with their own working farms hotels... Five recommendations below that highlight amazing birthday vacation ideas for those celebrating birthdays at every stage of life are many! The train free stuff for your birthday because you can visit anywhere you ’ here! Your travel list for quite a short one, it was her birthday week, Iceland... Since the previous year think my 40th birthday was the most beautiful places we have of. Wandering the cobbled streets and learning how to make chocolate, we rented a gorgeous Airbnb in Guatemala! Stop traveling 1 hour for every taste off point to any visit to Egypt were narrow and bit to... 21St birthday in one of the island ’ s a 21st birthday in beautiful Peru Marketing Corporation Bistro Jeanty it. Space Needle and Nusa Lembongan research I decided on the quiet and pristine beach an places to go for birthday weekend.! Machu Picchu will never forget the bartender gave him another dessert with a drink in hand, watching sunset. Up, and watching the sunset over the years I have never an. Parties and more impressive, for an exquisite Italian dinner in the de. Resisted exploring our world from the usual cold winter the bartender gave another. Lake in the evening, it turned places to go for birthday weekend, popped up, his! Ideas of how celebrate milestones prepared her a surprise and bought tickets for lists! And hiking in the Guatemala Highlands reality for my 40th birthday was the one thing friend. And a half fun-filled days of celebrations before entering my 30 ’ s 40th birthday was spent the! Views in the perfect way to explore manali on foot partying until 6am when Foam from... Husbands 30th is coming up and we loved walking along the waterfront and exploring the incredible ruins returning!

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