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GWA follows the IB curriculum from nursery to Grade 12 and offers different pathways for graduating students. They take pride in being “a truly international school” by catering to students and teachers of over 60 nationalities. Global Indian International School Singapore has won 40+ awards within the last three years alone. At Anglo Singapore International School, we pride ourselves on priming the leaders of the next generation. The school accepts boarding admissions for grades 8 and up. Foreign language subjects, normally restricted to other Asian languages, are offered as electives and not with the objective of fluency. Singapore International School @ Van Phuc is a warm, welcoming community that is well-respected by families for its openness, communication and dedication to young learners. By participating in the Booster Club, students learn the values of volunteering and showing support to student-athletes and performers in various school events. document.getElementById("home-icon-admissions").onclick=function(){ Singapore is a multicultural hub that is home to many native Singaporeans and expatriates. They have partnered with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, considered the world’s top aeronautical university, to give their students valuable skills for university entrance credentials. KinderWorld International Kindergarten and Singapore International School @ Vung Tau are purpose-built international school with modern facilities located within Dai An Residential Area in Vung Tau City. Groupe d’Accompagnement et d’Inclusion (GAIN) – A learning support structure practiced by the Agency for French Education Abroad for students with special needs and learning challenges. } You can view the exact location or driving directions of the school on the map and school pointer on it. Enrol now to secure your space at the fastest growing international school in Singapore. Rest assured, enrolling your child in any of these schools will be a wise choice. SAS students grow up in a community where every student learns at high levels, every student is known and advocated for, and every student personalizes their learning. Can start work in Jan 2021. Other important factors that should also be considered are the tuition fees, language programmes offered, school size, location, special learning programmes offered, and others. They describe their curriculum as holistic and future-proof-learning, putting an emphasis on international-mindedness. window.location.href = url; An international school in Singapore, Chatsworth provides a balanced and quality education through the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, for ages 3 to 18. Our teachers and staff go above and beyond to provide a meaningful and enriching educational experience as well as individual care to ensure all parents and students feel heard, valued and appreciated. ISS International School was one of the first international schools to be founded in Singapore in 1981 by our Chairman Mr. Chan Chee Seng. Annual technology fee of S$535 to S$963 for school-provided laptops and S$300 to bring your own device. They give specialized attention to each learner, thanks to their teacher-student ratio of 1:4. International Schools in Singapore: Choosing the Right School for Your Child Singapore has a large expat community and is very fortunate to be home to a wide choice of world class international schools. The teacher-student ratio is 1:11, allowing educators to monitor the development of each student more carefully. Established in September 1991, SISHK offers a … Australian International School, Singapore The Australian International School is the only southern-hemisphere school in Singapore that offers an Australian curriculum-based global education for students from the age of 2 months to 18 years. ENROL NOW. in International Business Law 2. There are two UWCSEA campuses: the Dover Campus in the west and the East Campus in the east. We were the first international Primary school in Singapore to offer a dual-language programme in English and Mandarin, and one of the few schools to offer extensive second language programmes in Hindi and Japanese. For preschool, the average ratio is 1:5-10, while for K-13, it’s 2:22-24 for Kinder 1 to Year 2 and 1:24 for Years 3 to 13. The list consists of both local and international schools that are all great choices for young learners. Singapore International School Admissions. Singapore International School (SIS) is a kindergarten, elementary and secondary (up to Form Four and International Baccalaureate Diploma First Year and second year) school situated in two different campuses on Nam Long Shan Road, Hong Kong Island.. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Thai-Singapore International School (TSIS) implements a comprehensive curriculum issued by the globally respected Singapore Ministry of Education to provide our students with the best education. Aside from academics, SAS also puts an emphasis on developing a student’s artistic and athletic abilities through a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Connections. The International French School (Singapore) is the only institution to offer the full French curriculum from Kindergarten to Lycee in Singapore. 5 December 2020 SIS-PTA e-Christmas Fair and SISHK Virtual Open House Join us in this e-celebration of the Joy of Learning at SISHK! Singapore International School. Singapore International School Campus 01 : Sector 11, Road 05/A, House 30/A, Uttara, Dhaka-1230 Campus 02: Sector 07, Road 01, House 08, Uttara, Dhaka-1230 +8801974734252. These … The school offers two curricula, the German Abitur or the English-speaking International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Diploma from a Polytechnic in Singapore; International Baccalaureate; NUS High School Diploma; Admission requirements and closing dates. Admissions +65 … The school curriculum – based on the British national curriculum but reflecting the international setting and cultural diversity of the school and Singapore – is broad, balanced and quite universal, which matters for international families like ours. The school campus is surrounded by greenery, boasting an environmental learning experience through facilities such as the Bio Pond. AIS caters to students as young as 2 months old to 18 years old. Chatsworth has two campuses: the Piccadilly Campus for preschool and the Bukit Timah Campus for K-13 students. Claire is an active participant in school … window.location.href = url; TTS houses over 140 competitive sport teams and supports students in local and international competitions. (School Registration Number: 21600), for admissions enquiries or book a school tour →, May 2020 Session of International Baccalaureate Diploma Results, 悦。中秋 Joyous e-Mid-Autumn Festival Concert. Chatsworth is a diverse K-12 international school in Singapore offering the IB PYP, MYP and DP curriculum to students of approximately 50 nationalities, ages 3-18. Singapore American School is known for an unmistakable culture of excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities. The Canadian International School (CIS) is conducive to easy learning, boasting a relaxed, friendly environment for its students. An LL.M. This includes a specialized curriculum, dedicated facilities, and specially-trained staff and teachers. She has been an international teacher for more than 20 years, after initially enjoying 3 years teaching in Leeds in the UK. They also have dedicated arts programs with specialist teachers for students to develop their skills in art, design, drama, music, and film. We provide a well-rounded education for both foreign and Vietnamese students from Pre-Nursery to Year 12. 悦。中秋 Joyous e-Mid-Autumn Festival Concert. For parents who will avail of this service, you may opt to choose 2-way or 1-way trips. Here at Invictus International School, we cater for the individual, in an innovative and inspiring way. UWCSEA | K-12 international school in Singapore | UWC school in Singapore | UWC South East Asia | holistic education | Concept-based teaching and learning For students who wants to get into the IB stream, NISS is widely considered one of the top private schools in Singapore … According to the International Schools Database, there’s currently over 50 international schools in Singapore. Singapore American School is known for an unmistakable culture of excellence, extraordinary care, and possibilities. Updated 20 Sep 2019. } Career Development Opportunities. United World College of South East Asia, 9. 60 international schools found in Singapore Dover Court International School Established since 1972, Dover Court International School in Singapore is one of the leading inclusive British international schools in South East Asia. The school curriculum – based on the British national curriculum but reflecting the international setting and cultural diversity of the school and Singapore – is broad, balanced and quite universal, which matters for international families like ours. Find Us. These are general notes, by the way: they won’t apply to every single local or international school, but they are fairly representative. With so many international schools to choose from, it’s no wonder that many parents are overwhelmed with the task of choosing the best school for their children . One of the GWA’s specialized IB career-related programmes in aviation. subscribe. return true; The maximum teacher-student ratio is 1:25. It is worth mentioning that international schools are often recommended to students who will most likely reside in a different country in the future. Even if you now know which international schools are best on the island, you should also make sure that the school is actually best for your child. The school accepts students ages 3 to 18, starting from infant school all the way to senior school. The Chatsworth Preschool is registered with the Singapore Early Child Development Agency (ECDA), which ensures that younger students are prepared for Singapore’s local mainstream schools. SAS also values strengthening school spirit and student unity through its Booster Club. Various extracurricular activities are also offered to students after classes. Anglo is committed to holistic education that best prepares our students for the future. The career path of every child is determined by which type of secondary school he or she will attend. UWCSEA also advocates diversity, hosting a staff of 500+ and a student body of 5,000+ hailing from all over the world. The curriculum supports students becoming proficient, if not fluent, in their second (or third) language of choice. Singapore is well-known for having an outstanding education system with world-class schools. Some of the opportunities offered are indoor and outdoor sports, robotics, music, theatre and visual arts, and much more. Admission desk will arrange an appointment with you, for one to one counseling session and a complete school tour. Expat families moving to Singapore will have a plethora of international schools to choose from. They will assign the most suitable vehicle for a student (car, MPV, or bus) depending on distance and time. In summary, there are 3 main systems offered by International Schools in Singapore. Retrieve. The Insworld Difference. For others, they may opt for national curricula such as the English National Curriculum, the American curriculum, and the Australian curriculum, among others. document.getElementById("home-icon-contact-us").onclick=function(){ Executive Education with seminars on request. Photo from Google Maps . The GEMS World Academy (GWA) has schools across the globe, with the Singapore branch located in Yishun. Aside from academics, the school also assists and encourages students to participate in various recreational activities to develop their personal and socio-emotional skills. Bilingual programmes limited to only Chinese and French, No specialized programs for students with special needs, Wide 36-acre campus with world-class facilities, American educational system-centric curriculum, School-owned iPads and Macbook will be issued to students as modes of learning, Private bus service may cost around S$956 – S$2,450 per semester depending on proximity to campus, Relatively large school populace (around 4,000 students), Australian educational system-centric curriculum, Wide variety of co-curricular activities for students, No after-school care program or supervision available after class hours. EtonHouse also offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students to enjoy after class. Enquire about our IB and IGCSE curriculum now! The curriculum of Singapore International School is similar to that of schools in Singapore. Claire is an active participant in school … Join us in this e-celebration of the Joy of Learning at SISHK! International Baccalaureate (IB) – An international standard of curriculum offered in 4 programmes, namely for Primary Years, Middle Years, a Diploma Program, and a Career-related Program. Welcome to Dover Court International School. SIS Group of Schools provides an international school experience for students in Jakarta, Cilegon, Medan, Palembang and Semarang. Singapore, Singapore Read More.. Hollandse School 5.0 from 4 reviews. This is done through their Special Infant Care program aimed at toddlers 2 months to 18 months old. Students are introduced to different cultures and thus different perspectives and a network of international contacts, but it may hinder their immersion in local society to a degree. Singapore International School believes in a holistic approach towards overall development of the child. var url="/contact-us/"; The EtonHouse International School has over 100 schools across the world, with 19 schools located in Singapore. International schools in Singapore offer top-notch education, providing students with world-class facilities, multifaceted support, and an open-minded environment full of different cultures.If you want to know which school fits your criteria perfectly, we’ve listed down the best international schools in Singapore and all the info you need: curricula offered, tuition fees, languages offered, and more.Note that if you need help making sense of all the curriculum speak, we’ve also prepared a glossary for you below! Grades 10 and 12 will be offered starting academic year 2021-2022. A leading international school in Singapore for children aged 2 months to 18 years. These are the AP (Advanced Placement) system, more commonly known as the American-based system, the IB (International Baccalaureate) system and the English national system. The New School Information Session + Portfolio Preparation Tips from... A vibrant community striving for excellence, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care, Harmony, 礼, 义, 毅, 信, 仁, 和, Singapore International School (Hong Kong), COPYRIGHT © 2019 SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (HONG KONG). We nurture and develop students in the Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social and … As one of the best International Schools in Bangkok and Korat, Anglo Singapore International School delivers an unmatched education programme, achieving outstanding results every year. IFS accepts students ages 2 to 18 years old and makes sure that each student is closely monitored by having a low student/educator ratio of 1:9 to 1:15. The advocacy of Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS) is to provide education that suits the needs of students with special needs. Melbourne Specialist International School, Local Schools vs International Schools in Singapore, Comparison of International Schools in Singapore. Established since 1972, Dover Court International School in Singapore is one of the leading inclusive British international schools in South East Asia. Non-French-speaking children from up to 12 years old are welcome to apply, while older students need to undergo assessment. She has been an international teacher for more than 20 years, after initially enjoying 3 years teaching in Leeds in the UK. The latest OWIS news, articles and resources sent straight to your inbox every month. SIS provides a well-rounded elementary education to both foreign and Vietnamese students from Kindergarten to Year 5. Here’s a quick recap for all of the need-to-know information for each school in our list of the best international schools in Singapore (scroll to the right to view more info). Because a sizable portion of Singapore’s population consists of expatriates, the demand for international schools has skyrocketed through the years. It focuses on the student. The Singapore branches offer different programmes and facilities for all kinds of students. CIS also promotes digital literacy through its K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum. When faced with a new school system, it is important to make comparisons across several key criteria. Australian International School, Singapore. The International French School (IFS) is a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which ensures that the quality of the curriculum is 100% in accordance with the French national curriculum. Events. Campus tours are also available for parents who want to learn more about the environment at CIS. return true; Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements . Non-French-speaking students can also enroll in IFS, boasting a diverse student body consisting of 67 nationalities. If you are an international applicant seeking admission to NUS, you should have completed or are completing high school, that is, at least twelve years of general education by July of the year of application. The primary differentiating factor among international schools is the type of curriculum they offer. Mariam Sakanyan - Student. The Hillside World Academy (HWA) gives importance to bilingual learning by offering a variety of language programs from as early as kindergarten to high school. Singapore International School (Hong Kong) is a unique school outside Singapore that is guided closely by the Singapore education philosophy. Without further ado, here are the best international schools in Singapore! Specifically looking for preschools? SIS Group of Schools providing international schools in Indonesia for students in Jakarta, Cilegon, Medan, Palembang and Semarang. For parents who want a tour of the campus and its facilities, virtual and on-site tours are available on their website. New Singapore international school Jobs in Singapore available today on JobStreet - Quality Candidates, Quality Employers The Singaporean school system is generally inclined to prioritize STEM subjects, leaving little space for students to take interest in different subjects in arts and language. We made sure to choose the schools based on the quality of education and school experience they can provide for your children. 5 December 2020 English as an Additional Language (EAL) – A learning program in the existing curriculum that supports students who aren’t fluent in English but pass the school’s standards. For ease of reference, we’ve put together some tips along with a list of international school fees in Singapore for 2019/2020 academic year. Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB) is a leading provider of the world-renowned Singapore curriculum that is ranked top in the world for Mathematics and Science, based on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a global benchmarking test. This week, our high school students welcomed Mr Christian Soulard, IFS Principal, in their web radio […] The school also offers a private transportation service catered to a student’s needs. There is no wrong decision as long as the criteria fits your child’s learning needs. Students’ social and academic progress are monitored through different assessments regularly conducted by teachers. Before moving to Singapore with her family she taught Grades 6-12 in 2 international schools in the Middle East. Photo from official YouTube channel of UWC South East Asia. DPS International School, Singapore, was founded in 2004 with the objective of meeting a growing need of the Indian expatriate community for a world-class school that incorporates the best practices of Indian and western educational institutions. Mr. Chan strongly believed in the importance of a good education. Some international schools may also provide students with perks such as extracurricular activities, transportation services, boarding houses, and much more. Aside from academics, the school’s learning environment is another important element to consider since it is crucial to the development of your children’s physical, emotional, and social skills. var url="/work-opportunities/"; ), Different campuses to choose from depending on your child’s needs, Few language programs available; dependent on branch offering, IB Career-related graduation pathways available, Wide variety of extracurricular programs with paid enrichment programs, Relatively affordable annual tuition fees, Lack of outdoor facilities compared to other schools. Some families may have made the move to reside Singapore for business or career reasons, hence putting their child at international schools. After-school supervision and bus services are available to students who stay behind for extracurriculars. As an inclusive international school in Singapore, our school is about embracing individuality and encouraging uniqueness. International French School (Singapore) Photo from the official website of International French School Photo from Google Maps The International French School (IFS) is a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), which ensures that the quality of the curriculum is 100% in accordance with the French national curriculum. Chatsworth International School seeks to teach with a holistic approach, with arts as an integral part of their nurturing environment. Singapore International School, Dahisar is a Private Co-Educational School located in the Dahisar neighbourhood of Mumbai. A Well-Established Bilingual Immersion Programme. One of the main features of Tanglin Trust School is their extensive library with over 70,000 books available for check-out. National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) – The Australian assessment for students in Year 3, 5, 7, and 9 for reading, writing, language, and mathematics. EtonHouse schools follow a research-based inquiry curriculum where students are encouraged to use information technology and inquiry-based learning to develop essential skills. }, We would like to congratulate our AY1920 Secondary Four (S4)…, The Education Bureau has announced that classes for local schools…. Founded in 1990, CIS has over 3,100 students from more than 84 nationalities enrolled across two campuses - Lakeside in the west (for students aged 2 to 18 years) and Tanjong Katong in the east (for students aged 2 to 12 years). Share it with us in the comments below! var url="/alumni/"; The Orchard campus, having the biggest selection, provides Year 1 to 13 programmes. It is an international school run by the government of Singapore and follows the Singaporean curriculum. Chatsworth puts emphasis on hands-on learning and keeps low student ratios in classrooms. Check out our list of the best preschools in Singapore! They have a diverse student body and staff hailing from 70 different nationalities. HWA also offers and assists students in finding accommodations. He was a former statesman, serving under the government of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Central. The School offers 10 different standalone modules: International Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Capital Markets, States and International Trade Law, Competition Law, International Financing, International Environmental Law, International Arbitration, International Tax Law, International International Property … Read more. They also promote bilingual learning (mostly English and Mandarin), with some schools offering third language options such as Hindi or Japanese. Our list of the best international schools in Singapore all offer world-class education and facilities for students from different parts of the world. IB Curriculum or German Curriculum An International School in Singapore that offers a choice between two curricula: the English-speaking International Baccalaureate (IB) programme and the German Curriculum. Students are treated to world-class facilities such as multiple gymnasiums, an immense library, a private bus service, and even a 1-acre natural rainforest. For any unfamiliar terms you’ve encountered in this article, please refer to the glossary of academic terms below. French educational system-centric curriculum, An extensive number of language learning options for students, Specialized programs for students with special needs available, A certain level of French language proficiency is needed in grades 8 and above, Beginner and advanced language programs for students whose primary language is not English, Wellness and counselling services offered, Large number of language programmes offered compared to other international schools, Limited slots for boarders and extensive boarding application process, Language programmes change depending on campus, Dedicated classrooms with school-provided iPads for each student and teacher to use, Yearly local and international excursions and camps for students, University advising for graduating students, No specialized program for students with special needs, Private bus service only available for Bukit Timah campus, Remedial classes are offered to students who need help with their academics, School-provided iPads are available for students; Middle school and high school students are allowed to use their personal laptops in school, Private shuttle service only picks up students at certain points, not from their homes, Private transportation service catered to students, Curriculum is tailored to special needs students’ requirements, Specialized facilities for special education, Mostly English-based medium of instruction, No transportation service provided by school, British educational system-centric curriculum, House System (a big plus if your child is a Harry Potter fanatic!

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